Properties for Sale and Rent in Munich

Property prices and prices per square meter for house, apartment and land sales.

Real estate prices in Munich, offer prices:

This is about advertising prices in real estate advertisements. What was the average price for a used terrace house and what was the average living space? These are not necessarily the finally obtained selling prices. The quantity of offers I have intentionally omitted here to avoid an excess of figures.

Real estate prices Munich – used houses: Single family houses, average 206 m² living space, cost around 1.5 million EUR. Semi-detached houses with on average 160 m² were at about 1 million EUR, mid-terrace houses with 126 m² at around 790.000 EUR, end terrace houses with 134 m² on average were also at ca. 970.000 EUR. Multi-family houses had 438 m² living space on average and cost around 2.75 million EUR.

Real estate prices Munich – new houses: New single family houses, average 188 m², cost ca. 1.4 million EUR, new semi-detached houses, 162 m², cost around 1.1 million EUR. New mid terrace houses had 142 m² living space on average and cost 925.000 EUR, new end terrace houses with 136 m² cost around 930.000 EUR. New multi-family houses with 396 m² living space were found at about 3,15 million EUR.

Real estate prices Munich – apartments: At this point it is not worthwhile to examine the total prices of 1 to 5 room apartments and to deduce average values. The here relevant values are the prices per square meter which are covered later in this article.

Real estate prices Munich – land sale: In general most of the advertised lots were designated for building single family houses. The average surface was about 966 m² with a price at 1.84 million EUR. The lot size for semi detached houses with 830 m² in average amounted to about 1.2 million EUR. Lots for multi-family houses statistically had 1.044 m² in size and cost about 3.15 million EUR.

Key statistic: Price per square meter Munich, offer prices:

Prices per square meter Munich, house sale offers, advance information:

A house price generally consists of three components:

a. the land price

b. the building value/price

c. supply and demand

While in case of apartments the price per square meter is THE implement for price orientation it is not in case of house prices. 150 m² living space on a 300 m² lot or 150 m² living space on a 600 m² lot result in different end prices and thus different prices per square meter living space. The now following values correlate to this precondition:

Prices per square meter Munich, used houses: mid-terrace and end terrace houses in average were at about 6.000 to 7.000 EUR, semi-detached houses at about 6.600 EUR in average and single family houses at about 7.350 EUR per square meter living space.

Prices per square meter Munich, new houses: Here mid-terrace and end terrace houses were at about 6.500 to 7.000 EUR, semi-detached houses at about 6.900 EUR and single-family houses at about 7.400 €. Some readers may be surprised that new houses are not considerably more expensive than the above mentioned used houses, and here is why: Houses in the new building segment ordinarily have smaller lots as in the past and that reduces the overall price per square meter living space.

Square meter prices Munich – apartments (without new objects): On average these amounted to about 7.000 EUR/m², apartments with a garden generally cost around 3 % more, rooftop apartments around 16 % more, penthouses ca. 28 % more. Also maisonettes with about 7.100 EUR/m² were a little above average.

Square meter prices Munich – new apartments: Here the average ranged at ca. 7.900 EUR/m². In contrast to the used apartments the newly built apartments with garden, rooftop apartments and maisonettes did not differ a lot except penthouses which were on average found at around 8.850 EUR/m².

Square meter prices for lots of land in Munich: The offering prices ranged at about 1.900 EUR per square meter (lots for single family houses), at 1.450 EUR per square meter (semi-detached houses) and at 3.000 EUR per square meter (multi-family houses).